Monday, April 10, 2017


Statement of the Area of Interest

     Our group is interested in the ghosts that have been reported on UWF's grounds. Through online databases and interviews we have and will continue researching any incidents that have occurred on campus that may relate to the topic of ghosts on campus. Some information we plan to include relating to ghosts on the UWF campus are the incidents involving the students Susan Morris and Barbara Bockwith, as well as the cloaked figure that has been reported by a few different people. Savannah, Sam, and I decided to choose this topic after hearing rumors of ghosts being seen on campus and stories of deaths occurring on campus. We decided to investigate to see if these deaths actually occurred, and if so, were the source of these paranormal events.

Proposed Statement of Final Project

     For our final project, our project is based on the idea that Savannah, Sam, and I will create our own forms of documentation on the ghosts of UWF. Savannah and Sam will create artworks depicting the ghosts, locations where the ghosts have been reported to be seen, and locations of the crime scenes. I will create these scenes through studio art such as paintings and chalk pastels, and Savannah will capture photographs and videos.  I will document the time and location these ghosts were seen, as well as any instances of ghosts or murders on UWF's campus from newspaper articles. We will create a scrapbook containing newspaper articles and documentation of the ghosts, as well as the different deaths that have occurred on UWF's campus. We will also create a video containing reenactments of paranormal events that occurred during our research.
     Our final project will be presented as a Cathedral/Museum/Haunted House in either our classroom or the Light Lab. We will have a table set up with our artworks, scrapbook, video, and artifacts related to the ghosts that we have found.

List of primary research:
Locations to conduct field work:
  • UWF Nature Trail
  • UWF Nursery
  • UWF Library
  • Service Road next to UWF Communications Building
Information/sample collections/data that will be gathered in the field:
  • Photographs of locations
  • Video recordings of locations
  • Ghost stories from interviewees
  • EMF recordings
  • Artworks depicting ghosts
Preview YouTube video Uwf ghost storiesUwf ghost stories

Sunday, March 26, 2017

6 Quick Lessons response

     I found these 6 lessons to be rather informative and give me a better idea of what I can do in order to get a better grasp on what really is happening around me and how things have changed overtime to form the landscapes that I am accommodated to today. These helped me to better understand how over time many things have transformed into what they are today, such as land flattening out in order to form a plain or such, where we now have buildings set upon them. 
     It also taught me not to focus on borders, but rather using them to my advantage so that I can understand the cut offs and how they were formed. That just because its a border doesn't mean I have to act like it is the end of what I am researching, but rather I can include how it became the end of that zone.
     Now I come to realize that there is more to researching something broadly as well, that I need to sometimes take a closer look at something when I analyze it in order to get a better understanding of how it came to be. That just because it looks like the area may be simple, upon further inspection you can see the minerals, the composition, and with some investigation you can find how all the land shifted over time into what is it nowadays, but that is just on a large scale. If you shift down into a smaller scale to figure things out, you can find what organisms came about to turn the land into how it is now so that its easier to see distinct qualities. 
     But you also have to remember when closely examining these things is to not pay too much attention to one aspect and have the rest of the lay out overlooked or compromised, because one section doesn't make up the entire composition of the landscape. You have to remember to look up as these lessons tell you, getting an idea of the trees around you and other large objects like buildings, hills, mountains and many more. Not just up, but down as well since there are underlying things that help make up the surface of the area around you. From the tiniest of rocks to the biggest of trees, every detail matters when it comes to your surroundings. 
     Another good idea it gives people is to make and construct their own maps, which allows them to get a bit creative with it. You can map it out as big or small as you like, and put in your own markings to show where there are special places, along with making your own legend for such a map by putting in markers such as mountains, and if you are making your own you also get to set your own borders which ties into the beginning. You can lay the key elements of the area out before you and put together something easy for you to follow and understand, and continue to add to it as you come across more elements that can be added into your map to give it more flavor.  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Story Board

    My storyboard features things that run through peoples minds when thinking about daily life and how they correlate to one another, with how they view other people along with the world around them, and how they can learn from those around them to find what they enjoy. It says how things have variety, which helps accommodate the different wants and needs of things that inhabit the earth.

Monday, February 13, 2017


    GIF's are a form of media where it allows the artist to make a small moving image out of something that could normally be still, or have no motion. There are many different forms of it, such as making one yourself or taking events that transpired in real life and snipping them down into a little clip that allows it to loop over and over again. This form of media has brought joy to a lot of peoples lives and helps them feel in touch with media on a day by day basis.
     There are many ways that you can translate GIF's into how we use our social media nowadays, such as apps that were made specifically for GIF's, such as vine. Vine was a very sociable app where you could take a small video and post it to the vine server, allowing other people to watch them and like them, comment, and other things that communicate with other people about it. It made sure that there was a limit on how long the GIF could be so that it wouldn't be too big, and there were tools that you could use to pause mid video in order to change the scene, then continue recording. Other websites that have incorporated this sort of thing are like Facebook and Tumblr. Tumblr allows for people to post these little works of art and, just like vine, have them loop endlessly until the viewer scrolls away from it and onto the next image.
     Unlike the other websites though, Facebook has started storing the information as a video instead of a GIF, so instead of it endlessly looping like a GIF normally would, it stops at the end of it and requires you to restart it. Now this doesn't take away from it being a GIF in my opinion, it just means that it is a different format than the others, It still displays the information and gets it across to the viewer.
     Now a lot of these GIF's don't have any sort of signature on them to show who made them, mostly because the author wants them to have less size to it so it's easier for it to load. Another reason could be that they are wanting them to be free in a sense, since if there is no signature on them then that means there is no owner, letting other people use them to make their own variations and allowing them to spread their digital tastes to others as well so that new forms of the GIF can be made, allowing them to continue on as free as new ones pop up.
     What these GIF stories represent to me is that people are always trying to recreate a a GIF and store them in new media, not letting this old form of art die out which is just great to me. I love to see short little clips taken from art and posted, along with them being transferred to other animators that then put their own spin on the work, allowing for new ones to be spurred from that. I really enjoy it because it is promoting every changing art, meaning that nothing has to be static and that there are all forms of art. I also enjoy the free aspect of it since it allows for multiple variations to me made to it.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Final Chimeras

This is the final draft of the first chimera that I made. For it, I had to use multiple selection tools in order to get the parts that I needed, and make it look like there was multiple layers to this piece. I had to go in with the mag glass and finely erase things that weren't needed or didn't belong. 
I had to blend in the extra set of arms so they looked natural, along with setting the wings in place as well. The head was a little difficult due to its jagged edges, but i was able to smooth it out and make it look natural. I am very pleased with how this one turned out.

For this piece I had to grab some parts of the bear to bring them forward, that way they appeared over some of the other parts, such as the snake. I had to do it with the ears as well so it looked like the thorn crown was wrapped around its head and not simply sitting on top of it. Everything else required me to move them about and proportion them.
I think the hardest part of this one was grabbing certain parts of the bear to blend them over. I had to take the bottom of this and repast it so that it would sit over the snake. There was nothing else other than the ears that required this.

This was the final chimera that I made, and it was a little tricky. Since I used a painted person for the picture, I had to pick a painted background as well. Then I took some cat eyes and blended them in to where they looked natural, trying not to make them look too different.
I also took the darker portion of the hair and used to clone tool on it. I did so because I used it to hide the original ear that was on this picture so that it looked like he only had the two cat ears. Then I was able to put the wings and tail behind him so that he looked to be a chimera.